Chamical, Argentina

I had been hitchhiking, and given a ride all the way to Mendoza. The good samaritan was Roger, the Canadian. At some point we had to wait an hour or so near Chamical, in the north of Argentina.

There was a roadblock going on, some workers were on strike, demanding better work conditions. We started chatting with two guys who were also standing there waiting, and when it was close to a finish (and the workers about to clear the road) one of them gave us a clear signal that everybody was about to get moving again.



  1. black and whites are my favourite ! this one is chaotically superb!

  2. thanks! you know, Orson Welles considered black & white “the actor’s best friend”, because it focused more on the person’s expressions and feelings than on hair, eye or the color of clothes 🙂 btw, see you’re taking advantage of “duotone” as well – nice one!

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