Fuerza, Colombia

Among other countries, I have faith in Colombia.



  1. Hey this shot is great. I was flipping thru your posts and for some reason this one just jumped out at me. I think its because its such a simple and clean image. Great work. I also enjoy the short stories you post with most your photos. Thanks for linking me as well. Aside from painting and drawing I am also a truly amateur photographer.

    • Thank you! Actually the original shot is not this one, it has a lot more stuff surrounding the statue. I just cropped what seemed important! I guess “simple” really came out being more effective. And I think it’s very healthy when one is dedicated to more than one artform. It’s a fine way to develop new ideas and reach higher creativity levels. Cheers and happy new year!

  2. i could make out that this is a cropped one! still this looks amazing. The cool bluetones added by this blog theme makes it more beautiful.

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