Inca Egg

Me and my new-found friends (three Polish and one Argentinian – cheers Kuba, Asia, Diana and Leandro!) arrived in Aguas Calientes more or less at 3am, tired and completely soaked. We had spent the last 2 1/2, probably 3 hours walking along the railtracks under intense rain. We also tried to find a shortcut that was – and wasn’t – there (the next day we found out we’d been on the right path but it was so dark and full of mud and all, that we went back to the tracks). Thanks to our 2 flashlights we managed to do just fine along the railroad. Except for all our stuff which was utterly drenched.

The next day we bought some ingredients to cook at the hostel (the first one on your left as you enter Aguas Calientes coming from the railroad tracks) – 15 soles per night. Sounded like heaven, because Aguas Calientes isn’t exactly what I’d call cheap (everybody, rich and poor, must pass Aguas Calientes to go to Machu Picchu).

The dawn we left for Machu Picchu (gates open at 6am, our hike up the hill started at 4:30am) we decided to leave some eggs and some other food in the hostel refrigerator. We weren’t going back there, and nobody wanted to carry the food – so we left the ingredients at the hostel.

All this to get to the precise moment when I noticed I ‘d forgotten to leave an egg behind. It was still inside my bag. All of a sudden I thought that drawing a face on the egg was a pretty neat idea.

How many eggs have visited Machu Picchu, I wonder?



  1. Barbara

    Haha! Love it.

  2. aspirantpolyglot

    Cute egg. And wow, what an incredible view!

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