Before I arrived to Venezuela, I had already planned to head to Colombia via Maracaibo, mostly because I wanted to visit a bit of Caribbean. However, and especially after a chat with locals, it became evident that it wasn’t really possible for me to leave without visiting Sinamaica.

A local friend and I drove up there. Sinamaica is a village of approximately 2.000 people whose houses stand a salt-water lagoon. From what I remember, it’s less than one hour drive from Maracaibo. You get there and ask around to some fisherman or something to go for a tour. You negotiate a price that sounds fair and off you go.

It was a one and a half hour boat tour which included a stop at the Sinamaican Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Virgen del Carmen, where I was shown the mess hall where the children eat, for example, among other facilities.

People in Sinamaica usually live from fishing, crafts, commerce and tourism. So, if you’re going to Maracaibo (or just passing by), consider to go and take a look into Sinamaica because it’s worth it. You’ll help the community and you’ll get a chance to see a different way of life.

Laguna Mágica



  1. Good. Now you forgot to say that this is the place that inspired the name “Venezuela”, as “discoverers” saw this place as similar to “venezia”. Which is supposed to be the etimology to the name of Venezuela.

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