El Peñón – Antioquia, Colombia

El Peñón de Guatapé is a big monolithic rock approximately 200 metres high (656 ft), and one out of three reasons why I wanted to visit Medellín (the other two were the “bandeja paisa” and something else I can’t remember). It’s a one-and-a-half bus ride from Medellín’s Terminal Norte. A specific bus route that goes there, so you really can’t miss it (still, and to make sure you don’t, ask around: from my experience Colombians are heart-warming and love to help).

Anyway, I was hungover: I took the right bus, but the wrong exit. Where I got off the bus, it was still a long walk up. Luckily there was this bar in the small town nearby, where a guy had a ‘taxi service’, one of those 3-wheeled bikes. So I stepped to the back of the “cart” and here we go.

When you get there, be prepared for a climb of 644 stairs. I’d recommend bringing some repelent with you — at least in February the heat and mosquitos can be tiresome. Well, I didn’t bring any with me but I think it’s useful to mention. That said, what I really wanted at that point was a cold beer. But first, the visit.

The photo above (and the video below) shows a view from the top, where one can see the Guatapé region. It’s pleasant and worth the trip, especially since I had no other plans.

After crossing El Peñón from the to-do list, I decided to immediately scratch the second. There was this local restaurant right next to the rock (with your back facing the rock, the one on the right), so I ate my first “bandeja paisa” (breakfast of champions, I tell you that), fighting the heat with a cold Aguila (which I had promised myself as well).



  1. WOW! What a fantastic shot. Nice work.

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