Parque Histórico de Guayaquil

If you ever visit Guayaquil (Ecuador) and would like to get to know more about colonial architecture and local History, fauna (more or less like in a zoo, but in more natural conditions than some zoos), farm life in older Ecuatorian days, or a display of typical plants and herbs and their usage – among other things – then I recommend the Parque Histórico.

In the Casa Julián Coronel (where the above photographs were taken) you get to see interior architecture as in the past. There are also several actors/actresses playing characters of the time, adequately dressed up, and even using the kind of speech you’d listen to if you were actually there back then.

The above photo is the boring one — I saved the ones with the hut, pigs and stuff for later. The Parque is open from Tuesday to Sunday, between 9am and 4.30pm. Ecuador operates with US dollars. The ticket for an adult is US$4.50 (Sundays and national holidays), the rest of the week the price is US$3. There are also promotional prices for groups and families.


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