This is a photo from Sinamaica – “la laguna mágica” – close to Maracaibo, in the Zulia State of Venezuela. For more on this, check this post.



  1. amazing all your photos, I love your lifestyle!

  2. Discovered your blog on the “freshly pressed” app the other day and have been engrossed since – as articomedia stated – your lifestyle is/was amazing. I have a list of places I want to go thanks to this blog! (Unfortunately no financial methods!)

    I also wish I could take a half decent photograph! Look forward to the next installment.


  3. Anna, practice and persistence will compensate you. Plus, I’d say you’d have no problem teaching English in South America. Browse the web and don’t give up – it’s NEVER too late. By the way, check the latest Peruvian post to see where I spent my last St Patrick’s 🙂

  4. Ah, time is on my side anyway! I’m only 22. I have a friend in Mexico at the moment – if I have any kind of funds at all, i might visit her in the summer.

    I daresay Patrick’s Day is quite different in Cuzco somehow! Amazing experience though. Have been obsessed with South America since seeing and reading The Motorcycle Diaries (even though I had my issues with the book).

    Your blog is an education!

    • Yes, you’ve got plenty of time! Central America must be amazing as well… oh and about St Patrick’s in Cuzco, there were foreigners walking around in appropriate St Patrick’s paraphernalia (wigs included at some point), so one could easily know what day it was 🙂

  5. Ha ha, I’m always told I don’t need any paraphernalia – all I need do is open my mouth and everyone would know where I’m from!

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