Flea markets: in the world of second-hand

Lisbon’s probably most known flea market is a great place to go, whether you’re looking for something specific, or simply going for a walk. In Portuguese it’s called “Feira da Ladra“, and it’s centuries old.

It actually began at some other part of the city, but after the 1755 earthquake it moved closer to the Restauradores neighbourhood (Praça da Alegria). After several other transitions from one place to another and back, in 1882 they finally moved it to the place where you can find it nowadays – Campo de Santa Clara.

I find flea markets remarkably interesting. It’s some sort of “Lavoisier’s Law on Consumption.” Not all that is old or second-hand has necessarily to be broken or with no use. A flea market is a great place to get original gifts, also. You can find all sorts of things, whether it’s a pocket agenda from 1974 ready to be used, a really old domino game with a nice leather case, collection items such as stamps, cassettes, vinyls, pocketwatches… even fridge door handles. You name it.

Old magazines and pocketwatches are my favorites. They’re straight out of the past! The overall looks of a pocketwatch, the chain and ornaments, the small button which opens the metal lid… I love it. And since they’re manual watches, you must turn the watch crown from time to time in order for it to work. There’s a unique appeal associated to them; it’s completely old school, plus you don’t have to wrap anything around your wrist (avoid accidental tan lines, haha!) and you can just keep it safe in your pocket.

Anyway; the Feira da Ladra occurs every Tuesday and Saturday, from morning ’till late afternoon. If you’re in town for the weekend, I’d say it’s a must. There’s a map with the location below.

So, pocketwatches are my favorite flea-market item. What about you? If there’s any precious item you like go scavenging about, do share your flea market experiences!



  1. I love to scavange around flea markets for anything pewter. I found quite a lot of interesting stuff along the way (some at very good prices).

    No photos of the flea market in Lisbon?

  2. @Mexican Haciendas: well, the main photo was already taken in Lisbon’s flea market… but you can also do an image search in Google “feira ladra lisboa” and see more. Cheers!

  3. maximumbeth

    not once did i visit these flea markets while i was in portugal. next time i’m back i’m definitely doing it!! thanks for the tip!


  4. very sense making,
    we have flea market locally,
    great stuff to explore,

  5. leavemehere

    Flea markets in the Middle East – old TV remotes and Dildo’s everywhere. If thats your thing.

  6. I love flea markets, and I love love love this picture – so artistic with the seller in on of the mirrors! I’m just so bad at sifting through the junk to find the treasures really! I guess patience is a virtue…

    check out my blog!



  7. Flea markets are awesome bargains. Can really find great things there on a good day. Bargain shopping is the way to go.

  8. fuifduif

    We don’t have many fleamarkets here. However, I do enjoy looking for nice stuff there. I think we have two fleamarkets a year in our village. (:
    My favorite fleamarket-items would be oldskool game consoles and oldskool games.

  9. Tri

    a lot going on here. i like it! esp. the mirrors!

  10. Pedro, your photo blog is wonderfully designed and such a pleasure to browse. Your photographic eye is quite astute and witty at the same time. I look forward to coming back here!

  11. travelmammal

    Hey! Another great article sir. You don’t disappoint.
    Btw, thanks for adding my blog to your roll. Get back to me when you can.
    Keep it up!

  12. Muhammad faizal

    i like and i have something unique

  13. Bri

    my husband is also a huge pocketwatch fan. he got engraved ones for all his groomsmen and you’re right, they are very expensive! But pretty awesome nonetheless.

  14. Oh lovely, lovely market picture – I can never resist flea markets, whatever name they go under! You really never know what you are going to find.

  15. cool! There are lots of flea markets here in manila… Uka-ukay as its called here is such a hit… Lisbon flea markets sounds like a must-visit place! 🙂

  16. i think looking for old books and novels in a local flea market is a good idea.
    nice stuff.

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